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HeadlineNewsDate posted
Virtual Show 31st October 2020All traders are welcome to join us at the Virtual Show on 31st October 2020. You can send a logo and website link, use the day for launching new products, have a promotion to attract people to enter your website or perhaps do a live or pre-recorded video session about something relating to your products. For further details contact me on trademanagergog@gmail.com06 Jul 2020
Guildex 2020 CancelledThe Management Committee have made the decision to cancel Guildex 2020. The most recent remote meeting with the Telford International Centre (TIC) management was held on Thursday 25th June. This meeting was attended by the Guild Chairman, the Secretary and the Events Chairman. At the meeting the most recent rules issued by the Government were discussed. The focus was that meetings of more than 30 people are not being allowed and that Exhibition Halls and Conference Centres remain closed by law. The TIC continues to believe that changes will soon be made that would allow our exhibition to go ahead. They wished to continue with a wait and see approach. Our answer was that this approach is not acceptable to the Management Committee nor to our membership. We stated that with the extremely serious Covid-19 problems still facing the country an indoor meeting for in excess of 1000 people was not going to happen in the near future. They claimed surprise to hear that we were not prepared to delay our decision further despite being advised of this at our last meeting. The meeting was adjourned so that their representatives could discuss this with their Group CEO and legal team.We would add that the two representatives from TIC were polite and pleasant. The health and safety of all who might have attended Guildex, in any capacity, has been the most important factor in all of the MC’s deliberations.A comprehensive risk assessment was prepared by the Events Team and was updated following our previous meeting with the TIC on the 18th June. This risk assessment formed the basis of discussions with TIC. The financial aspect, although important, has been of secondary concern.The present financial situation is that we have paid a total of £13,328.34 to TIC (all paid before Kettering) with a balance of £9,809.58 outstanding. There are no other financial commitments attached to Guildex. No money has been spent on hotel or other bookings. We must now wait for further negotiations with the TIC which will address all aspects of the termination of the contract. Management Committee 26thJune 202026 Jun 2020
Guildex 2020 Guildex 2020 The Guild Events Committee continues to work towards a decision about Guildex 2020. This relies on reaching a satisfactory agreement with the Telford International Centre (TIC). Discussions have been taking place since the start of the pandemic, and are ongoing. Richard Clark, Alan Redgwick & Jackie Kneeshaw have had a Zoom Meeting with the Managing Director and our personal exhibition manager at the TIC this morning. (18th June 2020). The TIC said that an announcement from the Government via the Association of Event Venues is imminent and this will provide us with the facts required to make an informed decision. The safety of the public, all exhibitors, and the organisers is our top priority. 23 Jun 2020
Forum - Rule 7 Suspended Rule 7 which prevented traders promoting products or special offers on the Traders' section of the Forum has been suspended for 6 months initially, during these difficult times. You can therefore now promote your products via the Forum and promotion of products is also being permitted on the Gauge O Guild Facebook page 27 Mar 2020
Doncaster and Guildex UpdatesAll traders who were booked for Doncaster have been told that it has been cancelled. At the moment Guildex is going ahead as planned but we will keep a close eye on Government directives regarding large gatherings.27 Mar 2020
Trader & Society Meeting at Guildex 2019Please find a link, above this table of messages, to 'The Notes from the Traders and Societies Meeting' held on 31st August 2019 at Guildex 01 Nov 2019
GUILDEX 2020 - Change of date IMPORTANT All traders have been sent an email today telling you that the date for Guildex 2020 has been changed to 29th & 30th August which is one week earlier than planned. The email explains the reasons why and tells you about potential changes for Guildex 2021. The date for Kettering 2020 is still Saturday 7th March 2020 The date for Doncaster is still 6th June 2020 If you have not received this email or wish to discuss the changes contact me via Thank you 24 Oct 2019