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Changes to members login (Posted 3rd September)

We will be switching from using membership numbers as a login ID to using email addresses as login ID.

The benefits are:

  1. Improved security as Email addresses are not predictable
  2. Reduction in the number of interventions from the webmaster and elimination of a security risk
  3. Encourage members to ensure their email addresses are up to date with the Guild.
  4. Reduced GDPR risks

This an essential security improvement which has become the industry standard log in ID method.

We appreciate that this will cause some disruption so there will be a period of parallel running starting immediately and running until the end of November.

It is essential that you make sure a that your email address is up to date in the members database and please start to use that as your log in ID as soon as possible. Once you have used it once then that will become the only method open to you.

Web team

AGM Report to members (Updated 31st August)

See Guild news item for members only, now with link to AGM zoom meeting Link to report and results

Guild News
Revised Manual

Additional parts of the Revised Manual are now being uploaded onto the Guild website. The Revised Manual is not intended to replace the Original Manual, rather it is aimed at helping and encouraging members to develop their skills, particularly in those areas so far covered.

On occasion, these parts will be updated and other parts will be added to provide continuing help and guidance, particularly by adding information such as books, media, links and the like, so we would appreciate suggestions from Guild members.

Steve Hoather for the Technical Committee

Virtual Show - August Update

Latest details of the Virtual Show on 31 October available now.

Virtual show - August update r2.pdf

Website Developments

Over the last few months there have been a number of significant website developments

1. The sales and wants pages have been improved with larger images and improved layout

2. The news system has been re-designed to enable members to be alerted to an increased number of news items driven by the Guild newsletter editor

3. An on-line shop has been developed for the Guild publications and will be expanded to all Guild products

4. Clubs can now add Facebook links to their details

5. An on-line voting system for Guild elections has been rolled out

Forthcoming developments include security improvements following GDPR reviews, traders stands booking, on-line video library, gazette improvements, expanded on-line shop, virtual show and improvements to Traders links

We continue to look for ways to improve the website

Jim Hollom


Guildex Refund Negotiated

I am very happy to report that our negotiations with the Management of the Telford International Centre have resulted in a full refund of the money prepaid for Guildex 2020. This will result in more than £13,000 being returned to the Guild.

I would like to give special thanks to Jackie Kneeshaw, Alan Redgwick and Tim Humphreys all of whom were instrumental with me in making a success of this difficult negotiation.

No payments have been made for hotel bookings nor has any other money been spent on the cancelled show.

The traders have now had refunds organised or have asked for their money to be carried over to future payments. We thank the trade for their continued support in our decision to cancel our premier event.

We are now busy preparing for the Guild Virtual Show on the 31st October. The Events team are also preparing the new Guildex in Stafford in 2021.

We are grateful for the patient support of the membership while the whole matter of Guildex 2020 was being resolved.

Richard Clark

Guild Secretary

Guildex 2020 - latest news

Report from Events Committee concerning actions following cancellation of Guildex 2020. Guildex update 1 July 2020.pdf

An Update Regarding Guildex 2020 (20th June 2020)

All traders and societies who attend Guild shows have, on Monday 29th June, been sent the Management Committee announcement informing them that Guildex 2020 has been cancelled.

They have also been reminded about our Virtual Show on October 31st 2020 which is progressing well. More news on that next month

Traders and societies who had specifically booked and paid for stands in Telford this year have all been asked if they would like a full refund of money paid including deposits or, if preferred, they can have a credit towards advertising or a credit towards 2021. Without exception, the traders and societies, who have responded so far, feel that the decision taken by the Guild Management Team to cancel this event, despite the TIC wishing to continue with their 'wait and see' approach is the correct approach to have been taken.

Steve Robinson, Guildex Show Manager has been contacting the layout owners and demonstrators. Nick Dunhill has contacted the competition layouts and they have all been offered the chance to attend in 2021 if they wish. If space permits further competition entries will be accepted in 2021.

In addition, Richard Mills has confirmed that the hotels in Telford have cancelled all preliminary bookings. No money had been transferred and there are no financial penalties for releasing the rooms which had been reserved.

The Telford International Centre (TIC) are still discussing our cancellation with the Group CEO and the legal team and as promised by the Management Committee, we will keep you informed of any developments as soon as we hear anything.

Jackie Kneeshaw

Gauge O Guild Trade Manager - On behalf of the Events Team