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Announcement to members - Interim Guild Chairman

19 May 2020 - 02 June 2020

The Management Committee has approved the appointment of Tim Humphreys 11002 as an interim Guild Chairman until the next AGM.  This will be effective from May 19th.

I am sure you will welcome Tim. The management Committee look forward to working with him.


Richard Clark

Guild Secretary

19th May 2020

Message from Tim

Firstly, I would like to say how pleased I am to accept the position of interim Chairman of the Guild. I’m sure its going to be an interesting challenge in these difficult times of shut-down. Fortunately, modern communications make it relatively easy to keep in touch with family and friends. It’s a similar situation with the Guild where it will be very odd not to be able, for the foreseeable future, to sit down for face to face for meetings with my new colleagues and Guild members. Thank goodness we have Zoom and the like.

Secondly, given that many of you will not know me I would like to share a brief resume with you all.

My working life has been in the field of banking and financial services where my roles were in the world of Foreign Exchange and Banknote trading. I finally finished work around eighteen months ago and am now spending time doing all those I promised to do and a few more. Much of it has been spent on Love Lane, a layout built by members of the East Anglian Scale 7 Group which we’ve been delighted to exhibit at the Warley Show, Guildex and the Bristol Show. I will add that I’m proud to be the Deputy Chairman of the Scale 7 Group.

My interest in model railways started as a child with a Triang trainset and progressed over the years into finer scale OO with the school model railway club and eventually into P4/S4. Around 1990 I looked into O Gauge, decided to take the plunge and made the decision to model to Scale 7 standards. At the same time Martin Long persuaded me to join the North East Essex Group which for 30 years has provided many enjoyable Saturday afternoons with a great crowd of people. My particular era of modelling is the transition period of British Railways with the switch from steam to electric and diesel locomotives. Apart from my many memories of steam,  especially the Tyne Dock iron ore trains,  there are three standout moments from those days, the first sight of a GER Clacton unit in maroon speeding through Brentwood Station, getting my first glimpse of a Western Diesel  at Paddington Station and riding behind a Deltic on the East Coast Mail Line.

I’ve always been a railway enthusiast and continue to be so whether it’s watching and travelling on the British Railways of today, standing at Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania with enormous freight trains climbing the incline or riding on the preserved Denver and Rio Grande Western Narrow-Gauge Railroad in South West Colorado and Northern New Mexico.

Finally, I would like to emphasise that this is an interim position that I’m taking and will be relinquishing the role at the next AGM; I will not be putting myself forward for any of the positions in the elections. I do wish the people who are planning to stand in the elections well. My time in office is likely to be short, however, I look forward to making a contribution to the Guild.

All the best



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