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West Wilts Gauge O Group
Last updated     14 Aug 2020
20th Westbury, Wiltshire, Railway Show November 2020. The West Wiltshire Gauge 0 Group will not be holding their annual railway show again this year, due to the on going Corona Virus situation. We have booked the hall for November 2021 in anticipation. If you require any further, please contact Barrie Chappell on 07 870 515 807 or Rod Towler, telephone no 01 380 831 147.
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Last updated     02 Jul 2020

9F 92209

Strathclyde O Gauge Group
Last updated     27 May 2020
The club is not meeting at the moment because of the restrictions due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Enquires from prospective members are still welcome.

Trains passing in the storage loops of Bradley Junction